About Us

Company Background

Alfresco Platform

ecm4u GmbH was founded by Heiko Robert in May 2010. The aim was and is to support enterprises with the operation of Alfresco in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner – regardless of whether they use Alfresco Enterprise or Alfresco Community. Above all, enterprises should be enabled to use Alfresco solutions without having to become an expert in the system's underlying framework or technology.

Platform for Alfresco Solutions and Services

A number of system integrators and developers have come up with good solutions on the basis of Alfresco, but yet users of Alfresco can not benefit from these solutions comprehensively. ecm4u will soon offer a platform on which own and third party solutions, products and services can be purchased and marketed as combinable modules.

It is Time for a Change

Green Way

We have gained knowledge in ECM projects over many years and we want to do it better. Our philosophy is to make complex technologies usable and comprehensible for everyone with the use of ready made modules. That can only succeed when we do without the customary way of developing a new project from scratch again and again. The use of standard modules and at the same time responding to the particular needs of each enterprise: that is our skill.

We facilitate principles of best practice pragmatically and without intricate development. Enterprises and organisations can use these technologies according to their state of knowledge and requirement, without getting lost in IT projects.

ecm4u focusses on

  • the development of flexible and configurable standard modules for Alfresco,
  • the support of Alfresco in operation and
  • the provision and marketing of Alfresco based solutions and services on an independent platform.

Our Philosophy

Modules instead of Projects


We have implemented a lot of projects and have become experienced experts. We have put the best approaches that solve complicated and complex problems in configurable modules. With the help of our modules, Alfresco projects can be realized in shorter time and therefore with lower costs.

Evidence shows that many use cases are similar or even identical in different enterprises. In conventional ecm projects, project processes are usually implemented from scratch for various reasons. We think it makes more sense to refine and reuse a good idea instead of reinventing it in each new IT project. In this way, unnecessary cost and deadline risks of IT projects can be avoided. [Modules]

Simplification through Standardization, Configuration instead of Programming

Easy Way

Things are already complicated enough. Our approaches provide you with easy-to-use „buttons“ and „switches“ in order to keep complex technologies manageable. Many functions and tasks can be fulfilled simply by configuring our modules – with no additional programming needed.

The Alfresco Virtual Appliance by ecm4u

including operational support and maintenance

We want you to have fun and success with our modules and solutions – instead of concerning yourself with the installation and configuration of Alfresco. A fast and direct answer for day-to-day issues: this aim applies particularly for operating departments and medium-sized enterprises. We can provide a preconfigured virtual machine that allows you to use Alfresco within a very short time. The effect: no costly intentive and complex installation and no need for additional expert knowledge. We support you, as needed, in provision and operation of this Alfresco solution. [Operational Support]

Network of Partners: the ecm-market


We want to boost usage and availability of good modules. Therefore, we offer our own modules and the solutions of our partners on an online platform. You have the choice and you are not restricted to a certain supplier or service provider.